Candy German March Box

Another fully packed German chocolate box is coming to your door or perhaps it already arrived. The warm months are coming soon, so we decided to send a chocolate only Candy German box, before we cannot do it anymore because of the heat. Next the Easter box 2019 will come. You can order it until April 10th and we will ship it the same day, so that it gets to your door until Easter. But now get to know more about your March Candy German subscription box!

I Love Milka Pralinés Haselnusscrème

We sent many Milka products before in your monthly candy subscription box from Germany, but this one is very special. There are different sorts of the I Love Milka Pralinés. We decided to send the Pralinés which are filled with hazelnut creme. The filling is very rich and creamy, combined with the milk chocolate coating it is a taste explosion in your mouth. But this treat does not just taste delicious, it is also a very nice gift for someone you love because of its heart-shape. Beautiful and delicious!

I Love Milka Pralinés Haselnusscrème

Kinder bueno

There are 6 kinder bueno bars in your package. As every kinder product it is one of the most delicious candies from Germany you can get. A smooth hazelnut cream is put into a wafer which is surrounded by a melting milk chocolate and sprinkled with dark chocolate. kinder Bueno is available since 1990. I can remember when it was new in shops and when I first tried it. I was convinced immediately and since then it is on my regular candy shopping list

Kinder bueno

Milch Mäuse

Another creamy, chocolatey, rich and delicious treat in your Candy German subscription box are these Milch Mäuse = milk mice. The cute mouse-shaped chocolate chunks are filled with a delicious milk cream that contains small hazelnut pieces. Soooooooo good!

Milch Mäuse

Merci Praliné Crème OR Edel-Nougat

Either you get the Praline Creme bar or the Nougat Creme bar. Actually there are 4 individually wrapped chocolate bars in each package. Merci chocolates are one of the finest you can get in Germany. It’s the noble brand of the German candy company Storck and therefore a bit pricier. No matter which sort you get in your German candy subscription box, both are delicious and mouth-watering. And – for those who care – the packaging is very beautiful.

Merci Praliné Crème Merci Edel-Nougat

Feodora Hochfeine Vollmilch OR Milde Vollmilch

Another nobel German chocolate brand is Feodora. Either you get the mild milk chocolate or the superfine milk chocolate bar. Both sorts are very similar, the only difference I can taste is that the mild chocolate is a bit more creamy.

Feodora Hochfeine Vollmilch Feodora Milde Vollmilch

Choceur Vollmilch Nuss AND Zart Herb

These two bars come together in your Candy German subscription box. The green bar is milk chocolate with nuts and the red bar is dark chocolate. There is not much more to say about these two. Just try and enjoy them.

Choceur Vollmilch Nuss and Zart Herb

Don’t forget to order your Easter box until the 10th of April! :)

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