Candy German June Box

It’s June, it’s the start of this year’s Candy German summer boxes. What does this mean? Over the next few months you will get at least one savory treat in each box. Furthermore, you won’t get anything that can potentially melt. This month your German candy subscription box is packed chock-full, again with the most delicious treats the German candy/snack universe has to offer.

Lorenz Erdnuss-Locken OR Erdnuss-Locken Jumbos

Either you get the regular sized peanut flips or the Jumbos. The only difference is the size of the flips, there is no difference in taste or texture. We always thought that peanut puffs, or flips as we call them in Germany, are an original American product. But then we found out that they actually are not American and often are not available in the States, so we put them in one of the Candy German subscription boxes in 2017 for the first time. Many of you emailed us and said thanks, because they knew peanut puffs from their Germany holidays, but weren’t able to get them in their country. So for us it was very clear that we will send you peanut puffs again this summer. Lorenz is a very traditional German brand that produces savory snacks. Their Erdnuss-Locken = peanut curls come in a huge and heavy bag, and they are delicious. If you like peanuts you will love the peanut flips. They have a very intense peanut flavor, the puffed flips are very crunchy, and you have to eat them one after another. It’s pure indulgence!

Lorenz Erdnuss-Locken Lorenz Erdnuss-Locken Jumbos

Coppenrath Friesen Blätter

Friesen = Frisians are a population group who are located at the North Sea coast of Germany and the Netherlands. Friesen Blätter = Frisians’ leafs are mostly baked and eaten there. One of the most traditional German cookie and pastry companies Coppenrath invented a fantastic variation of the Friesen Blätter. Those are very crunchy and buttery. Coconut flakes are added to the crusty baked pastry as well as a hint of lemon. It’s so very good to soak the Friesen Blätter in a cup of coffee or tea – enjoy!

Coppenrath Friesen Blätter

nimm2 Lach Gummi Fruitivity red fruits OR exotic fruits OR yoghurt

nimm2 is a very traditional German candy brand by the German company Storck. Originally they produced hard candies, but for some time now they also produce gummy candy. The Lach Gummi = laughing gummies Fruitivity are a very new product on the market. Either you get the sort red fruits which comes in the tastes blackcurrant, strawberry, pomegranate, blackberry, blueberry and raspberry. Or you get the sort exotic fruits which comes in the tastes grapefruit, orange, kiwi fruit, pineapple, lemon and blood orange. Or you get the sort yoghurt which comes in the tastes raspberry, blueberry, peach and passion fruit, lemon, vanilla grape and strawberry. Yum – all are very fruity and delicious!

Nimm 2 Lach Gummi Fruitivity red fruits Nimm 2 Lach Gummi Fruitivity exotic fruits Nimm 2 Lach Gummi Fruitivity yoghurt

Frigeo Ahoj-Brause

Ahoj sherbet is a very traditional German product, it’s about 90 years old. Actually it is a beverage. Mix the powder into a glass of water and you get a refreshing and delicious drink. There are four different sherbet sorts in your Candy German subscription box – orange, lemon, raspberry and sweet woodruff. You get a bunch of each sort. If you don’t want to drink your treat, you can also sprinkle the sherbet on your tongue and enjoy the fruity sour tingling taste experience. The perfect summer treat!

Frigeo Ahoj-Brause Frigeo Ahoj-Brause

Mr. Tom Peanut Bar

Peanut meets candy. The German candy manufacture hosta was founded in 1949. In 1955 the Mr. Tom Peanut bar was introduced to the market. Since then it is known as "der etwas andere Riegel = the slightly different bar". Mr. Tom is kind of a counter-program to chocolate bars. It’s a very simple bar – roasted peanuts are covered in caramel. It is extremely crunchy and yummy!

Mr. Tom Peanut Bar

Choco Bistro Waffel-Schnitten

A hazelnut cream is put between several layers of wafers. That sounds very simple, actually it is, but this German treat taste very exquisite and unique. The wafers are very crunchy and the cream is delicious. The hazelnut cream is very nutty and rich. Enjoy with a cup of coffee or as a snack in between.

Choco Bistro Waffel-Schnitten

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