Kinder egg with toy

Before we started our German candy subscription box service, I asked some of my friends and family members what they think of when they hear German candy. Not surprisingly, 95% of them mentioned the Kinder Egg or as we say in Germany the “Kinder Überraschungsei”. “Überraschung” is the German word for “surprise”, “Ei” simply means “egg”. Often we only say “Ü-Ei”, and everyone in Germany knows what is meant by it.

Actually the Kinder Egg is not a German candy, it's a product of the Italian company Ferrero. In Frankfurt we have Ferrero Germany, so the Kinder Eggs, as well as the other Kinder products like the Happy Hippos we sent in our last Candy German box, are produced in Germany, too. Every child in Germany knows and likes those products and was grown up with it. At least you can argue that the Kinder Egg is a German candy or a candy from Germany.

Since 2006 we find the Kinder Joy Egg instead of the Kinder Egg in stores during summer time. I guess the reason why the Kinder Egg nearly isn't sold during summer time is that it can melt easily. It consists of a milk chocolate egg you can break in the middle. Inside there is a small yellow plastic egg which contains the surprise. In comparison the Kinder Joy can't melt. It has a cream part and a toy part. Both are packed individually and put together in an egg. What both Kinder candies have in common is the surprise inside, a little toy which is either added as a whole or in small pieces which need to be build together. Furthermore there is a small piece of paper on which the toy is described. In Germany you often see children in supermarkets who shake a Kinder Egg beside their ear to assume what might be inside. I did the same and bought a lot of Kinder Eggs when I was a kid. :-) As a consequence of this I owned a lot of Kinder Egg figures, and remember little hippos, garden gnomes, smurfs, and even little Simpson figures. Back in the 80s and 90s there was a huge hype around those figures because they were said to be valuable one day. Today there are still some assemblers. I even had a type case in my room where I placed all the different figures, and I remember friends and relatives had one or even more, too. No, the Kinder Egg did not make me rich or any person I know, it only made me a good dust wiper. :-) I don't know what happened to my figures today. I have to ask my mother, if they are still in any crate in the attic or if she gave the figures away. Beside the toy there is the delicious chocolate of the Kinder Egg. As I said before it consists of milk chocolate, but from the inside there is a white chocolate layer as well. I love the taste of the Kinder Egg, it is creamy, sweet but not too sweet, and you can't get enough of it. Everyone should at least try one Kinder Egg in life, perhaps there is one in one of our German candy subscription boxes in the future. :-)