The Candy German Easter Bunny Box

There are always good reasons to eat German candy, one of them is Easter. In two weeks from now the time has come, and until then everyone certainly has received the March box which is chock-full of delicious and uncommon German Easter treats. But Easter is not only the time for candy, it is also the time the warm and light season of the year starts, flowers start to grow, and you can leave your winter coats at home. Yay – we are really looking forward to it! But first of all let us have a look at your March Candy German subscription box. We think that Easter candy around the world is very similar. As we always want to send you something really special you can't find in your local supermarkets, the March box was a real challenge for us. But I think we reached our aim again. We found some really uncommon treats which are – of course – authentically German and delicious!

Choceur 4 Schoko Eier + Löffel gefüllt mit leckerer Milchcreme

This German Easter treat I saw the first time about two or three years ago. It looks like a real egg box, but don't worry, we don't send you real eggs ;). The package includes 4 milk cream filled chocolate eggs and two plastic spoons. The milk cream is so soft and creamy that you can spoon it simply. The Schoko Eier are so good. The taste reminds me a bit of kinder chocolate we sent in our last monthly candy subscription box. The eggs are individually wrapped. When you unwrap them you see that they have kind of a little roof. You can bite that roof and then you can reach the milk cream with the spoon easily. Thumps up for the German company Brandt that is originally known for its zwieback or rusk! The Choceur Schoko Eier are really a fun treat for kids as well as for grown ups and they are mouth-watering - the perfect treat for Easter!

Choceur Schoko Eier Choceur Schoko Eier

Douceur Edel-Marzipaneier in Zartbitterschokolade und Zuckerglasur

I didn't know what that treat is when I saw it, but I knew it has to get in the March Candy German subscription box. Germans love marzipan and this German candy is a brilliant and uncommon way to offer it. The little eggs, there are 12 of it by the way, simply look like sugar candy but when you bite them you get a big surprise. The sugar coating is quite hard, once you bite through it you reach a dark chocolate layer and then, finally, the delicious and smooth marzipan. Want to try one? I'm sure you want to! I never have eaten a German candy like this before and I'm sure I will have an eye on it every single Easter from now on. Thanks to the north German manufacturer Flensburger Dragee-Fabrik for this new and uncommon marzipan gourmet-experience!

Douceur Edel-Marzipaneier

Douceur Edel Marzipan mit Nougat

Because you can never have enough marzipan, we decided to put another marzipan goodie in your German candy subscription box. This huge Easter egg consists of a combination of marzipan and nougat, one of the best combinations I can imagine. I couldn’t eat the whole egg at once, because it is very rich. Therefore I cut thin slices and repacked the rest of the marzipan egg in the beautifully designed wrapping. There is not much more to say about this German candy – just try it and love it!

Douceur Edel Marzipan mit Nougat


Ostermischung means Easter mixture. What you get is a nice mixture of 4 sugar fondant candy, 2 Easter jelly candy, 2 Easter chocolate nests with sugar eggs, and 2 tiny Easter chocolate bunnies. So there are 10 items in this mixture and each of it is delicious and fun to taste. We always put a huge bowl on the table around Easter and this kind of Easter treats is always in it as long as I can remember. I like the jelly candy the most, they are very fruity and sprinkled with sugar – very tasty! The sugar fondant candy is so nice and cute to look at. I love the little sunny side up eggs – as well as the rest of this unique Easter mixture!


Oster Farm Dragee Eier flüssig gefüllt

Before you open this colorful and cute looking bag, please smell at it. There are little holes in the bag where the odor of the Dragee Eier comes through. Once you smell it you know what you can expect – a delicious and fruity Easter treat. I guess your whole March Candy German subscription box smells of the Dragee Eier, because the odor is so intense. The little sugar-coated colorful eggs have a liquid filling. You can either suck or bite them. The taste is equally intense as the smell – I had to finish the whole package once it was open. I guess kids would love this German candy, because it does not only taste phenomenal, you can also play with it and the design of the bag is so cute. As you can tell from the manufacturer's website who is Bodeta, this company focuses on kids. The Dragee Eier is a proof that they know their business!

Oster Farm Dragee Eier

Osterzauber Schoko Lolly

This chocolate lollipop has the shape of an Easter bunny. It consists of milk chocolate and white chocolate. It's a very simple treat, as delicious as most simple things are. The manufacturer of the Schoko Lolly is Eickmeyer & Gehring Schokoladenfabrik. In their assortment you can find a lot of different chocolate lollipops on which their production is specialized.

Osterzauber Schoko Lolly

Chocolate Easter eggs: 2 Osterzauber Knusper-Eier, 1 Douceur Schokolinsen, 1 Karamell

In Germany we have a huge variety of different Easter chocolate eggs every year. We didn't want to put just any chocolate egg in your March Candy German subscription box, therefore we took some time to find those very special four variations of Easter chocolate eggs which are definitely the best we were able to find. There are two different sorts of the Osterzauber Knusper-Eier. The first is the pink one, it is a milk chocolate egg filled with yoghurt cream and rice crisps. The sweet chocolate is wonderfully combined with the light sour yoghurt cream. The blue Osterzauber Knusper-Ei is a milk chocolate egg as well, filled with almond cream and rice crisps. I always love almond cream fillings but this one is unbeatable. Knusper-Ei, by the way, means crunchy egg. Because of the rice crisps those goodies are really a crunchy special taste. And such a special taste is as well the Douceur Schokolinsen egg. It is a milk chocolate egg with a hollow space in which sugar-coated chocolate pills are placed. You can hear them when you shake the egg. The last Easter egg is filled with a delicious caramel cream surrounded by milk chocolate. I love caramel, so I love this goodie and I'm sure you'll love it and the three other eggs, too.

chocolate Easter eggs

We wish you all a happy Easter, a beautiful beginning of spring, a lot of sunlight and warm moments, love, and happiness! As always, we are happy about your feedback on your candy from Germany at