Candy German May Box

Here it is: Spring! The first hot weeks reached us in Germany – and many of you around the globe too. Therefore, the May Candy German subscription box comes with less chocolate that can melt easily and more hot weather suitable German treats. And we have a premiere this month: The first time ever we included a savory product in your monthly candy box from Germany. Please let us know what you think about it – then we can decide if it was a one-time experience or if there will be another savory product in the box in the future. Last but not least, a big event is coming up in Europe, the European Soccer Championship. Therefore, we tried to get some soccer related treats for you, but to be honest it was much harder than we had expected. As the championship starts in June, many products are already sold out for weeks, but at least we could count on Haribo. So let us start with this German candy…

Haribo Pico-Balla

This soccer treat from Haribo comes in the flavors apple, blackberry, strawberry, orange, forest berries, and lemon. Okay, those little goodies do not really look like soccer balls, but doesn’t they look great? They are so colorful and the texture is very unique. It’s very squishy and the double inside foamy filling reminds me of a marshmallow. Haribo Pico-Balla tastes sweet and sour at the same time – I love the combination of textures and flavors. The perfect German candy to put on the table while watching a soccer game!

Haribo Pico-Balla

DeBeukelaer Tourinos Feinwürziges Gouda, or Aromatischer Rosmarin und Meersalz, or Meersalz und Schwarzer Pfeffer

There are three reasons we put a savory product in this month’s Candy German subscription box. 1. Savory treats and watching a soccer game belong together like popcorn and the movies. 2. Savory treats cannot melt. 3. Many of you asked for some savory products in the box although we provide a candy subscription box. For us the third reason was the most important when we selected the Tourinos for you. Either you got the sort fine-spicy Gouda, or aromatic rosemary with sea sat, or sea salt and black pepper. All three sorts are very buttery and so crunchy. They mainly consist of wheat flour, yeast, and butter. The different flavors are very intense and so delicious. What’s also great is the resealable packaging of the Tourinos which keeps them fresh and aromatic.

DeBeukelaer Tourinos Feinwürziges Gouda, or Aromatischer Rosmarin und Meersalz, or Meersalz und Schwarzer Pfeffer

Choceur Erfrischungsstäbchen Orange-Zitrone Mix

Definitely another spring German candy are those Erfrischungsstäbchen (refreshment sticks). We had similar sticks in the box before, but this time you get a really big package, because you told us that you want more of this German candy. Erfrischungsstäbchen are really something different. The perfect combination of a fruity liquid filling in an orange-lemon flavor and a crispy chocolate coating is extraordinary good. I love to put the Erfrischungsstäbchen in the refrigerator and enjoy them ice-cold – so refreshing!

Choceur Erfrischungsstäbchen Orange-Zitrone Mix

Feodora Caramel or Mandelsplitter

It’s not a very long time ago we put a Feodora chocolate bar in your German candy subscription box the first time. Probably it was one of the candies we received the most feedback ever from you about. We recognized that you love Feodora chocolate just as much as we do. So here is another bar for you: Either you got the caramel milk chocolate bar or the almond slivers milk chocolate bar. Both are so so mouth-watering. Prinzessin Feodora = Princess Feodora is a premium brand for noble German chocolate and pralines. It came into being in 1910 and owes its name to the German Princess Feodora. You truly can taste that this chocolate is very noble. It’s a little pricier than other chocolate bars, but every cent is worth it. The caramel sort is a new variation of the Feodora bar. The caramel flavor is very intense, because there are little caramel pieces in the bar which fit perfectly to the very smooth milk chocolate. The almond slivers bar is delicious too. I’m a huge almond fan, so this bar is the perfect thing for me. The little almond pieces are very crunchy and again fit perfectly to the extraordinarily good milk chocolate. Enjoy – not matter which Feodora bar you got!

Feodora Caramel Feodora Mandelsplitter

Choco Bistro Neapolitanerwaffeln & Zitronen Waffeln

This time you get both sorts in your box, so you can decide which one you like more. A hazelnut cream respectively a lemon cream is put between several layers of wafers. That sounds very simple, actually it is, but these German treats taste very exquisite and unique. The wafers itself don't have much taste, but the creams are great. The hazelnut cream is very nutty and rich the lemon cream is very fruity, slightly sour, and moderate sweet. Both treats have a very light feeling – I guess they are the perfect German candy on hot spring days!

Choco Bistro Neapolitanerwaffeln Choco Bistro Zitronen Waffeln

Dr. Oetker Marmor mit Schokoladenglasur & Zitrone mit Zitronen-Fettglasur

Again, you get both treats in your Candy German subscription box. Marmorkuchen = marble cake and Zitronenkuchen = lemon cake are very popular in Germany. Of course the most famous German cake company Dr. Oetker has those flavors in its assortment. The history of the company starts very early, in 1890. That year pharmacist Dr. August Oetker invented baking powder under the name Bakin. Until today you find Dr. Oetker Bakin powder in every German supermarket, and the Dr. Oetker assortment has become huge. Beside their baking powder they are famous for their baking mixtures. Dr. Oetker always is the solution when you don’t have enough time to bake a "real" cake – just open the baking mixture, add some eggs and milk… ready. With the marble and lemon cakes they even took one step further, the cakes are ready baked and ready to be eaten. They are perfect to go, perhaps to school or on a day trip. Both cakes are very different and delicious. The different flavors are very intense and the different icings of the cakes, either a chocolate one or a lemony fat glaze, make those little treats gourmet tastes. Both cakes taste like they are freshly baked.

Dr. Oetker Marmor mit Schokoladenglasur Dr. Oetker Zitrone mit Zitronen-Fettglasur

Trumpf MMH & BOAH

Probably the German candies with the funniest name are those MMH and BOAH (there is also a WOW and a YEAH sort) goodies. You received three goodies in your monthly candy subscription box – either one BOAH and two MMH, or one MMH and two BOAH. Trumpf is a brand by the German chocolate producer Ludwig Schokolade. It exists for more than 150 years. No wonder that they have a huge variety of traditional products like different chocolate bars, as well as new chocolate inventions like MMH and BOAH. The MMH goodies are like a little two-layered cakes, the BOAH goodies are more like a praline. Just try both – you will love it!

Trumpf MMH Trumpf BOAH

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There’s one last thing we want to let you know. Candy German is turning two years old these days. In May 2014 we founded our company and the 2014 June box was the first Candy German subscription box ever. So we are going to celebrate our birthday with the 2016 June box.