Candy German March Box

Every year we send out a Easter Candy German box which is always awaited eagerly from many. I think this year we will satisfy your expectations again. We put together a very delicious and high quality German Easter treats assortment. You can put it in your Easter basket or gift some treats to your beloved ones. Our aim is to enrich your Easter feast with this month’s German candy box. By the way, we already shipped it on March 13th, so everyone should get it in time for Easter.

Osterzauber Confiserie Osterhase

Easter is the time for chocolate bunnies. This is a very beautiful one, its producer is the famous German company Brandt. The milk chocolate bunny carries a giant Easter egg in his wheelbarrow – looks so cute. The chocolate is very thick so the bunny won’t break easily. I think the bunny is almost too beautiful for eating it, but you would miss out on the phenomenal chocolate if you won’t eat it. It is rich and creamy and just perfect. Enjoy!

Osterzauber Confiserie Osterhase

Choceur 4 Schoko Eier + Löffel gefüllt mit leckerer Milchcreme OR gefüllt à la Mousse au Chocolat

This German Easter treat looks like a real egg box, but don't worry, we don't send you real eggs ;). The package includes 4 milk cream filled chocolate eggs or 4 chocolate mousse filled eggs, and two plastic spoons. The milk cream and the chocolate mousse are so soft and creamy that you can spoon it simply. The Schoko Eier are so good. The eggs are individually wrapped. When you unwrap them you see that they have kind of a little roof. You have to crack the roof of the eggs along the jagged perforation. You can do this with one of the spoons. Afterwards you can reach the inside with the spoon easily. Thumbs up for the German company Brandt that is originally known for its zwieback or rusk! The Choceur Schoko Eier are really a fun treat for kids as well as for grown ups and they are mouth-watering – the perfect treat for Easter!

Choceur 4 Schoko Eier + Löffel gefüllt mit leckerer Milchcreme Choceur 4 Schoko Eier + Löffel gefüllt à la Mousse au Chocolat

Haribo Baiser Eier

Beside its whole year assortment, the famous German candy company Haribo has an Easter assortment too. We munched through the whole Easter assortment and decided to send you the Baiser Eier = meringue eggs in your German candy subscription box. I don’t know why Haribo named these eggs meringue eggs, I personally find that they have nothing to do with the French dessert. But that doesn’t matter, because the eggs are extraordinarily good. They are very fruity and chewy and a highlight for every Easter basket.

Haribo Baiser Eier

Osterzauber Mandel Knusper-Eier OR Joghurt Knusper-Eier

Last year many of you emailed us that they liked the Osterzauber Knusper-Eier, so we decided to send them again this year in your Candy German subscription box. The producer is the German chocolate company Rübezahl Schokolade. Knusper-Eier means crispy eggs. Either you got the almond crispy eggs or the yoghurt crispy eggs. The almond eggs are filled with crispy rice (9%), and almond cream (22%). The yoghurt eggs are filled with low-fat milk yoghurt (22%), and rice crisps (10%). Both egg sorts consist of smooth milk chocolate. The almond sort is very sweet but not too sweet and creamy. I love every nutty, creamy chocolate treat, so the almond crispy eggs are just perfect for me. Same for the yoghurt eggs. They are kind of light, almost fruity, with a nice sour and sweet yoghurt taste – yummy! Both sorts are very crispy and the milk chocolate shell just melts in your mouth. I go into raptures…

Osterzauber Mandel Knusper-Eier Osterzauber Joghurt Knusper-Eier

Douceur Edel Marzipan Ei contains alcohol!

Either you got the plum in Madeira egg or the candied pineapple egg or the nougat egg (does not contain alcohol) or the rum grape truffle egg. All four eggs by the German chocolate company Schluckwerder mainly consist of Marzipan in a chocolate shell. The different flavors add their special touch. I could not decide which marzipan egg I like the most, each is special and a gourmet bite.

Douceur Edel Marzipan Ei

kinder bueno

Although this German treat is not necessarily an Easter treat, we put it in your Easter Candy German box. Why? Because Easter is the time for all the different treats, especially those that taste extremely good – like the kinder bueno. There are 2 bars in your package. As every kinder product it is one of the most delicious candies from Germany you can get. A smooth hazelnut cream is put into a wafer which is surrounded by a melting milk chocolate and sprinkled with dark chocolate. kinder Bueno is available since 1990. I can remember when it was new in shops and when I first tried it. I was convinced immediately and since then it is on my regular candy shopping list – even for Easter!

kinder bueno

Have a Happy Easter everyone and just a wonderful time!

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