Candy German August Box

Another month brings another Candy German subscription box. You will find some products you have never seen or tasted before and some you might be familiar with, if you are a long-time Candy German member. Perhaps you have already received your box. If not, it will arrive soon. Now lean back and get to know everything about your August Candy German subscription box. But before, did you notice that Candy German is on Instagram now? Feel free to follow us there @candygerman. We are planning to do some Instagram stories in the near future. Furthermore, we are looking forward to the next chocolate season. We have to see how temperatures will develop - who knows, perhaps the September box can come with a lot of chocolates again. We will see.

Storck nimm 2 soft Plopp OR Brause

This is the ultimate fun treat in your monthly candy box from Germany! Either you got the nimm 2 soft Plopp or the nimm 2 soft Brause. Plopp stands for the feeling in your mouth and the sound when you bite through this little round German candies. They plop open in your mouth and a fruity liquid filling comes out. The little toffees are quite soft, so you can chew them very well. The nimm 2 soft Plopp comes in the flavors orange, lemon, strawberry, and cherry. The nimm 2 soft Brause comes in the flavors cherry, lemon, orange, and apple. They don’t plop open, but they start to tingle in your mouth when you chew them. That’s why they are filled with a sour and sweet sherbet powder. Both nimm 2 soft sorts contain a lot of vitamins. On the back of your package you can read that they contain vitamin C, E, B6, B12, etc. Not bad for a candy. The traditional German candy company Storck is the producer of this fun treat.

nimm 2 soft Plopp nimm 2 soft Brause

Brandt Knusper Mich Tomate

This month’s savory snack is extraordinarily good. There are crunchy baked slices of bread in your beautiful designed package that are added by dried tomatoes. They are baked in sunflower oil, but are not greasy at all. You can enjoy them like they are or use them for dipping, e. g. in a guacamole, or spread them with anything you like, e. g. some fresh tomatoes. I can also imagine them to be a nice side dish with soups or salads. You see, there are many ways to enjoy your Brandt Knusper mich. By the way, Knusper mich means crunch me. Great name for a great product!

Brandt Knusper Mich Tomate

COVO Mini Doppelkeks Himbeer OR Kakao

These are crunchy cookies, filled with different creams. Either you got the cookies with a raspberry vanilla cream or those with a cacao cream. Both are just delicious and mouth-watering. I love these German cookies and can’t get enough of them. And I also love the design of the wrapping!

COVO Mini Doppelkeks Himbeer COVO Mini Doppelkeks Kakao

Hitschler Bunte Drachenzungen

We always love to put a Hitschler product in your Candy German subscription box. What Hitschler does perfectly is that they bring together wine gum pleasure and an extraordinary product design – so they did again with the Bunte Drachenzungen = colorful dragon tongues. Okay, you need to have a lot of fantasy to see dragon tongues in this German candy, for me they are just fruity and sour wine gum stripes, but the colorful and funny bag is outstanding and makes you want to have it – and now you have it! The wine gum stripes come in the flavors peach, cherry, strawberry, and apple. They are all sprinkled with a sour and sweet sugary powder. It’s really an experience to eat this German candy. First you taste the sourness that is followed by a sweet fruity flavor. The best thing is that the Bunte Drachenzungen are without artificial dyes (ohne künstliche Farbstoffe) and only with natural flavors (mit natürlichen Aromen). Your kids will love this candy from Germany! By the way, it’s suitable for vegans.

Hitschler Bunte Drachenzungen

Choco Bistro Neapolitaner Waffeln AND Zitronen Waffeln

A hazelnut cream respectively a lemon cream is put between several layers of wafers. That sounds very simple, actually it is, but these German treats taste very exquisite and unique. The wafers are very crunchy and the creams are delicious. The hazelnut cream is very nutty and rich the lemon cream is very fruity, slightly sour, and moderate sweet. Enjoy with a cup of coffee or as a snack in between.

Choco Bistro Neapolitaner Waffeln Choco Bistro Zitronen Waffeln

Mr. Tom Peanut Bar

Peanut meets candy. The German candy manufacture hosta was founded in 1949. In 1955 the Mr. Tom Peanut bar was introduced to the market. Since then it is known as "der etwas andere Riegel = the slightly different bar". Mr. Tom is kind of a counter-program to chocolate bars. It’s a very simple bar – roasted peanuts are covered in caramel. It is extremely crunchy and yummy!

Mr. Tom

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