Children on a windows with candy

As everyone else I have certain pictures on my mind when I think of candy I ate in my youth. Of course, in my case mainly German candy appears like Kinder Eggs, Haribo and all the different delicious German chocolates. On this blog, I want to focus on those and other German candies, but also want to give an overview about the whole candy industry. Apologies for my not always correct English, I try my best, but perhaps some “Denglish” expressions or grammar make the whole thing even more authentic. ;)

Although I was never the kid who spent all its pocket money on candy, I found different ways to get my ratio. For example my parent's living room cupboard. My sister and I knew that the upper door was the entrance to our candy dreams, so we found a way to reach it by climbing. Today I only climb with a climbing belt and a safety equipment, but thats a topic for another blog. ;) Back to the cupboard: I remember Haribo gummy bears, Kinder chocolate and some not being German candy like Hubba Bubba bubble gums – my favorite was the cola flavor. Another way to get my candy was by going to the kiosk and choosing a mixed bag of German treats for 1 Deutschmark. Kind of remembers me of our Candy German subscription box. It’s a monthly candy subscription service where you can get candy from Germany. The difference is that our candy subscription boxes are surprise boxes, you do not know what you get. As a kid I knew exactly what was in my mixed bag, because I chose for 0,05 DM the gummy bears, for 0,20 DM the drops, for 0,15 DM the bubble gum and so on. The candy store’s owner must have been mad at me! But when you are a kid, you don't realize things like that. I was completely focused on my German candy and anxious to reach the 1 DM border. When you grow older your taste changes. Later I was more into German chocolate than into the wine gum and hard candy stuff. My favorite until today is Lindt chocolate. Ok, Lindt is actually not a German company, it's based in Switzerland, but who cares. Their chocolate is delicious. I love the Milk Lindor Truffles, they melt in your mouth. Can't get enough of it. I also really like the different kinds of Ritter Sport and Milka chocolate who nowadays even produces chocolate cookies. Yum!

So that's it for a first excursion into the world of German candy. I have a lot of things on my mind, I'm going to write about within the next days. So be sure to come back. If you want me to blog about a certain German candy or have any question, please shoot me an email at I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Have a candy-licious day!