Candy German July Box

It’s the 20th of July. This means it’s time to let you know what comes in your July Candy German subscription box. Probably some of you already got their boxes. We are always astonished how fast the postal services around the globe work. If you did not get your July candy from Germany yet, don’t worry, it’s on the way and will reach you soon. Since pleasant anticipation is known to be the best kind of delight, we now give you a foretaste on this month’s box.

Haribo Milchbären

A very new Haribo treat that came out just in July 2016 are those Milchbären = milk bears. And you are among the lucky first people to try them. Gummy bears are Haribo’s hallmark, but to be honest, I have never seen such cute Haribo gummy bears as the Milchbären are. They are running, jumping, waving, etc. and they even have little faces. They come in the flavors apple, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, and cherry and contain 20% fruit juice. The back of this German candy is covered in a foamy and creamy milk mass. The fine milk flavor comes out very good and the combination with the different fruit flavors is extraordinarily good. No question that this German candy had to find its way into your Candy German subscription box. Haribo, I love you!

Haribo Milchbären

Pom-Bär Original or Ketchup Style

And here is another bear, the Pom-Bear. Either you got the original or the Ketchup Style Pom-Bear. Both consist of potatoes, similar to potato chips. Pom-Bär is a very well known product by the German company Intersnack. I remember Pom-Bär being a new product when I was a kid – it was really a must-have. Back then only the original sort was available, later other sorts completed the assortment. All sorts have in common that they are gluten free, without artificial flavor enhancers or artificial coloring, and they contain pure sunflower oil. The Pom-Bears are very crunchy and tasty. The original sort has an intense potato flavor. It is pleasantly salty and not as greasy as normal potato chips are. The Ketchup Style sort is very similar to the original one, as the name says, a hint of ketchup flavor is added.

Pom-Bär Original Pom-Bär Ketchup

MAOAM Sauer Kracher

In Germany we say: "Sour makes you happy!" Perhaps that’s why this new sort of the well known German candy MAOAM Kracher is available now. Haribo, which is the company behind the brand MAOAM, wants to make you happy, and I think they will achieve this goal again. As you may have noticed by now "sauer" is the German word for sour. The German word Kracher can be understood in the sense of crusher or noisemaker. The Sauer Kracher come in the flavors lemon, orange, lime, cherry, and cola. They are sprinkled with sour sugar and filled with a sour sherbet filling. It’s really fun to eat the MAOAM Kracher, the bubbly sherbet filling is phenomenal and completes the fruity goodies harmonically.

Maom Sauer Kracher

Leibniz Minis Original or Choco

Leibniz is a popular brand by the German biscuit producer Bahlsen. The Leibniz Minis are a smaller variation of their most famous cookie, the original Leibniz butter cookie. It was invented in 1891 by Hermann Bahlsen. Either you got the Leibniz Minis Original or the Leibniz Minis Choco. Both are a very simple treat, but so so good. The butter cookie is so yummy. I’m totally fine with the sort without chocolate. The cookie is so tasty itself that it does not need anything else. But, of course, the combination with chocolate is great as well. No matter which sort you got in your German candy subscription box, you will love your treat. The package is resealable.

Leibniz Minis Original Leibniz Minis Choco

Haribo Balla Stixx cherry or raspberry & blackberry

Haribo has so many different wonderful products, so why don’t include a third one in this months Candy German subscription box. Either you got the Haribo Balla Stixx cherry or raspberry & blackberry. When you open your package you will first notice the phenomenal odor of the sticks. Both sorts have a foamy inside surrounded by a gummy coating. The different fruit flavors are very intense and the unusual form and texture make this German candy really unique. I’m sure your kids will love this fun treat.

Haribo Balla Stixx cherry Haribo Balla Stixx raspberry and blackberry

Frigeo Ahoj-Brause

Ahoj sherbet is a very traditional German product, it’s about 90 years old. Actually it is a beverage. Mix the powder into a glass of water and you got a refreshing and delicious drink. There are four different sherbet bags in your Candy German subscription box – orange, lemon, raspberry, and sweet woodruff. If you don’t want to drink your treat, you can also sprinkle the sherbet on your tongue and enjoy the fruity sour tingling taste experience. The perfect summer treat!

Frigeo Ahoj-Brause Zitrone Waldmeister Frigeo Ahoj-Brause Himbeere Orange

Mr. Tom

Peanut meets candy. The German candy manufacture hosta was founded in 1949. In 1955 the Mr. Tom Peanut bar was introduced to the market. Since then it is known as "der etwas andere Riegel = the slightly different bar". Mr. Tom is kind of a counter-program to chocolate bars. It’s a very simple bar – roasted peanuts are covered in caramel. It is extremely crunchy and yummy!

Mr Tom

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