Candy German Says Alaaf! – Your February Box

Last week everyone shouted Kölle Alaaf!!! in the streets of Cologne. It was Carnival week and that meant state of emergency round here. Sure, other German cities celebrate Carnival as well, but needless to say that the Cologne Carnival is the best! ;-) What is characteristic for Carnival are all the different, colorful, crazy, and nuts costumes and the Carnival parades – the biggest one is the Rose Monday Parade – that make their way through the streets. You can get an impression of those parades when you click the YouTube link on our Facebook site. Besides that it is very colorful, loud, and kind of stressful during Carnival, it is known and popular for all the different candies that are thrown into the crowd. Especially for kids it is an exciting time, they are allowed to eat candy until they turn sick – and grown-ups too. ;-) Therefore we decided that our February Candy German subscription box has to be a Carnival box. Not every German candy included is Carnival-related, but we found some really special Carnival goodies for you.

Super Dickmann's Dicke Kamelle

We combed through a candy shop and suddenly saw this Dickmann’s special edition. We had no idea that it exists, but when we saw it we knew that it absolutely is a must-have for the February German candy subscription box. First of all, the German word dick means thick - we don’t want any misunderstandings, right? ;-) Dickmann's is a very popular candy from Germany. The original Dickmann's consist of a waver topped with a sweet egg white foam covered in chocolate. The Dicke Kamelle are a special Carnival edition. The foam is added by cherry juice, so it has a delicious cherry flavor, the chocolate coating is sprinkled by colored crispies that are reminiscent of confetti the whole city is covered in during Carnival. The dancing girl on the package is a Funkenmariechen that is a particular kind of dancer in Cologne Carnival. The name Dicke Kamelle is also Carnival-related. It means thick drops or goodies. The term Kamelle is Cologne dialect. We shout for Kamelle during Carnival parade and then they are thrown as described. Certainly, the Dickmann's are not thrown. The chocolate coating is very thin and therefore crisp, it would break immediately. But thumbs up for Storck, the producer of this Dickmann's limited edition, it's really a fun treat during Carnival and it’s so so good and mouth-watering! Enjoy it and be aware of eating a very special and limited candy from Germany that is even for Germans hard to get. We found the one shop that sold it only by accident and are so excited to present it to you in your monthly candy subscription box.

Super Dickmann’s Dicke Kamelle

Nostalgie-Tüte Süßigkeiten aus der Kindheit

Another must-have that we found by accident for your February Candy German subscription box is this nostalgia bag. It's full packed with candy every German adult ate in the childhood. Bye the way, "Süßigkeiten aus der Kindheit" means candy from the childhood. Unfortunately this kind of German candy is banned from the German supermarket shelves, or better to say it has become very rare, plenty of years now, therefore nowadays children don't usually know it anymore. So much the better that this nostalgia bag is now available. For me Carnival has a lot to do with nostalgia. I remember being a kid and be so excited of all the different candies I'm going to catch. Carnival was absolutely a highlight every year. The nostalgia bag's German candy was always thrown during Carnival parade, my bags were full packed with this kind of candy. Remember, usually we send 6 – 8 different goodies in your monthly candy subscription box, but if you count the goodies in the nostalgia bag, the February box is wide beyond our promise. This goodies are included in the nostalgia bag: 3 shelves for licking (Leckmuscheln), 2 pearl necklaces made of sugar pearls, 2 watches with pearl bracelets made of sugar pearls, 4 cherry lollipops, 1 spinning top lollipop, 2 lollipops printed with flowers, 2 small packages of raspberry drops, 1 baby bottle filled with sugar pearls (we call them Liebesperlen = love pearls). I love all the goodies in the bag. Of course, they taste fabulous, there is not much you can do false with sugar candy, but the memories that are connected with this kind of German candy are the best. Have some delicious moment with your nostalgia bag!


Kinder Schokolade

Yay! There it is! My favorite German Candy, Kinder Schokolade. And it's not only my favorite German candy, I'm sure a lot of people mention Kinder Schokolade when they are asked for their favorite German candy. The combination of the little bars is very simple. Milk cream is covered in milk chocolate. I said it before, often the most simple things are the best. I'm in love with Kinder Schokolade, it is very rich and creamy, it melts in your mouth. Although it is not a typical Carnival candy, we put it in your February Candy German subscription box. Kinder Schokolade simply can be eaten at any time! Kinder means children, so it is chocolate for children – I'm still a child, I guess. ;-)

Kinder Schokolade

Schogetten Joghurt-Erdbeer

Schogetten is a product of the German candy manufacturer Ludwig Schokolade, one of Europe's most successful confectionary suppliers. The founder Leonhard Monheim invented his first chocolate under the name Trumpf in 1857. Trumpf chocolate is known very good in Germany until today. 1962 the Schogetten were introduced. Today there are many of different sorts, but we selected the yoghurt strawberry one. What I like the most about Schogetten is that it is not a chocolate bar as we know it from other brands, the package is filled with small bite-sized chunks. Every chunk is filled with a yoghurt cream added by little strawberry pieces. The milk chocolate coating is very creamy and the perfect coating for the inner cream. There is not much more to say about Schogetten. Try it and love it!

Schogetten Joghurt-Erdbeer

Haribo Roulette, Karneval gummis, and Bonner Gold

There is no Carnival parade without Haribo. All the different Haribo treats are always thrown into the crowd and everyone is happy to catch it. Therefore there had to be some Haribo candies in our February German candy subscription box, the Roulette, the Karneval gummis, and the Bonner Gold. The Roulette and the Karneval gummis simply are fruit gummis, very fruity and delicious as every Haribo gummi candy. The Bonner Gold is a licorice stack. Bonn is not only our neighbor city, it is also Haribo's city of origin. Bonner Gold means gold that comes from Bonn. I love licorice, so I love the Bonner Gold. It is mellow, but not too mellow, and has an intense licorice flavor. Yummy!

Haribo Roulette

Haribo Karneval

Haribo Bonner Gold

Eszet Schnitten

You don't find Eszet Schnitten by the German company Stollwerk in the candy section of a German supermarket, you find it in the breakfast section between jelly, honey, and peanut butter. Why? Because Eszet Schnitten are known as breakfast chocolate. They are meant to be put on bread, a bagel, or croissant. That's how we start a healthy day in Germany. ;-) Perhaps you think "chocolate on bread for breakfast? Strange.". But trust me, it tastes just delicious, especially with a bit butter or margarine. Ok, perhaps it's not an everyday breakfast, but sometimes a little sin is allowed, I guess. Some of you got the milk chocolate, some the dark chocolate variation in your Candy German subscription box. We could not decide which one we like more, so we mixed the sorts and put them in your boxes by accident. The package includes eight slices. I guess trying the Eszet Schnitten is a new experience for most of you – hope you like it!

Eszet Schnitten

Ahoj Brause-Brocken

Definitely another Carnival candy is Ahoj sherbet. The product of the Cologne company Frigeo is present everywhere during Carnival. You can see a lot of advertising posters around and of course Ahoj Brause is thrown into the crowd as well. The sherbet candy was invented in 1925, originally as a powder that can be loosed in water. What you get is a refreshing and bubbly lemonade. The Ahoj Brause-Brocken are kind of a drop you can put in your mouth and let it loose. It sparkles and the flavor is sweet, sour, and fruity at the same time. There are four different sorts of the Brause-Brocken, raspberry, orange, lemon, and woodruff. Everyone of you got three Brause-Brocken in your German candy subscription box, again chance decided which sorts you get.

Ahoj Brause-Brocken

That was your full packed Carnival theme German candy subscription box and, guess what, the March box will be a theme box again. Easter is knocking at the door. As you'll get your March box at the end of March, right when Easter is going to start, you can expect a lot of mouth-watering German Easter candies in your monthly candy subscription box. Get excited!

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